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The Lightning Thief

November 12 - 21, 2021• CMT's Rising Stars presents The Lightning Thief, The Percy Jackson Musical

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 Pre-order logo items - will be delivered before we move into the theater.

  • Pre-order flowers and candy - will be delivered during the performance run on the dates specified and will be available for sale after the cast list is posted and performers know their performance dates.
  • Pay production related fees - Move-in Strike Deposit, Costume fees & Cast Party fee

The deadline to order Playbill messages is Sunday, November 7th, @10pm

The deadline to order logo Apparel for The Lightning Thief is Saturday, October 2nd @10pm

The deadline to order logo Merchandise for The Lightning Thief is Saturday, October 9th, @10pm

The deadline to order Flowers, Candy Grams and Gift Certificates is Sunday, October 24th @10pm

(If items are available below, you may still order. Items will show "sold out" when they are no longer available.)